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What our clients say

Lloyd O’Sullivan have been our financial advisers for more than thirty years. Over this period their representative, Michael Findlay, has guided us through mortgages, a holiday home purchase, pension drawdown fund reinvestment and continued to offer sound and reliable support and advice whenever we have needed it.

Our son has also relied heavily on Mick’s advice and guidance with his house purchase and latterly his London flat which he bought with his girlfriend. He has continued to advise them on their savings and investments.

We cannot speak too highly of the help and support we have received from Lloyd O’Sullivan and more specifically Mick Findlay, who we rely on for financial advice and who we trust completely.

Robert and Diane Towse

My husband and I needed help with ensuring that we have financial security in case of ill health and in retirement. We were looking for a financial adviser to help us maximise our savings and pension and came across Lloyd O’Sullivan through a personal recommendation.

Services provided by Sue Michalczyk, our financial adviser, are second to none. Sue is incredibly knowledgeable and helpful, and we are both highly impressed not just with the level of her expertise, but also the pragmatic approach she takes towards managing finances. This means considering our finances in the context of our lifestyle, our personal needs and our aspirations.

In addition to providing advice on savings and pension, Sue has helped us with complex and personal matters relating to our finances. We know that our finances are secure which is invaluable in this time of uncertainty.

Mrs O’Donnell, Berkshire

At a time in life when you need certainty, having sound and dependable financial advice is essential. As I approached semi-retirement, I needed to ensure that I had the right structure in place for my pensions and investments.

Sue Michalczyk provided excellent advice and options, helping me think through what each meant with the pros and cons. The information was always clear and easy-to-understand. Sue was also extremely easy to talk with and no question was considered silly. It made making decisions so much easier and I believe that I have in place the right mix of products to help me achieve my aim.

Since receiving the advice and making the agreed changes, I feel so much more confident that I can focus on other areas of life, knowing that the finances are in a good place.

Ian Witcombe, Surrey

I first used Lloyd O’Sullivan when I wanted pension advice, some thirty years ago. They provided a sound service and options on solid investments. As a result, I have satisfactory funds for my retirement. It was a good move for me, and I have been happy with the results.

Roger, West London